Wednesday, January 30, 2008

For the Love of Pink

Hello Sacred readers. Are yall out there? lol. I normally blog on myspace, but I have been getting lots of feedback about blogging like a grown up and taking it outside Myspace. ::shutters::. One of the many reasons I have love for Myspace blogging, is I have so many friends, it was like having a built in audience. I also was able to see who subscribed and how many hits I have. Here, I feel like I am bobbing around aimlessly in a vast ocean. Wow, how insecure does that sound? lol, what can I say, I am not perfect!

So I am going to give it a shot, and blog here, in addition to myspace. On Myspace, I have the opportunity to "pimp" out other artists in my network, and I am betting I can do the same here as well. I am totally on training wheels out here, and I hope to achieve the same consistancy.

Lurking around and trying to find blogs, I came across "Girl gone Thread Wild" I love her style and subcribed right away. One of her blogs offered artists to donate a 2 x 2 fabric square of art to be included in a charity project.

"the pink artist" community art doll project for charity

I volunteered, and I found it quite brave of her accepting my offer, being that she doesn't know me from the chica on the moon. lol. I have been really feeling the fiber arts and thought this will give me a great chance to practice on my craft.

Here are the two pieces I sent her today.

Yes, they are a little rough, but I had a ball putting them together!

Thanks for stopping by, and please let a chica know you stopped by!


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Dotee Swap
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