Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rawkin Round Robins!


I participated in the fastest Round Robin Art marathon ever! Ok, maybe not ever, but it was a 1st for me. I attended my monthly "Northern California Mixed Media Artist" class today. It is not really a class per se, but dang it if I don't learn something new each time, so to me, it is a class of deliciously inspired women and teachers.

Today we were instructed to each bring a sheet of watercolor paper and various images, inks,paints, images,trims, etc.

Once we got settled in, we all set up our work stations. A timer was set for 5 minute increments, and once it dinged, we had 5 minutes to get busy, and then pass it to our partner to the left. I believe there were about 8 or 9 of us. At the end of the round, we were the new proud owners
of a wonderful collaborative piece of art. We were all so hot and inspired that we did it twice!

Yup, I walked out of there with two completed pieces that were imprinted and created by a bunch of wonderful minds and spirits.

Here are two pieces. (hold on to your chonies!)

I started this piece with tearing a bunch of papers for the background. I love the romantic vintage feel to it.

This second piece I titled, "Buenas Noches"

I love that someone added a Tuscan villa scene. Perfecto!

Speaking of "Round Robins" I am participating in my very first Journal Round Robin. A few Chica's from Swap-botand I are just starting the process. I am making a total of 3 pages for this first book I rec'd the other day. This is one of my entries. (I am keeping the other two a secret, shhhhhhh)

I used collaged papers, inks, glitter, stickers and I hand painted the Chica. This page was inspired by a confessional made on the opposite page. I call this page "Free to Dream" Trust me, it is very fitting to the confessional. :D

Monday, September 22, 2008

Porque it's all Good, Baby!

Yes indeed it is! 1st, Krissi blogged about her good dia, and then her blog inspired me to share my good day. It started about 6:30 pm, when I got home. I know, I know, my good dia got off to a late start, but sometimes good things are worth waiting for, que no?

So, I drive up to my drive way, and my kids are walking across the street towards me. My nephew is in tow. He just started walking a little less than two weeks ago, and watching him waddle down the driveway with joy across his face, well, it's just one of those things that can make your heart melt in an instant.

Also, I noticed a delicious smell wafting through the air. I aske Adrian, "Mmmmm, who is cooking?" He said, "Dad is, he is baking chicken!" Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. We all walk inside and I am immediatly welcomed by a warm dinner and two fat packages on my countertop. "Mail para Me!"

I eyeball the largest package and start ripping it open. Yeah, I was blown away with this generous gift from BorderBaby Creations.

How awesome is that? La Sirena, embroidered! She even made the frame. OMG, this girl has mad skills. She is an awesome painter too. Oh, and how cool is her name? This Chica hails from Southern California, and I am not sure if she has an online store, but she should! I know she lists her work on myspace and can be contacted via myspace. Trust me, you are gonna fall in love with her work. Do tell her I sent you!

But wait, it doesn't stop there, I still had another package to go! My son beat me to it, and started ripping it open before I could stop him. We both stopped cold, and said WOW. I read the box, and it said, " Yoli, Yes, you get the dropped Shrine! hahahaha, Rose.

I had to think a minute, and then I started cracking up. Rose joined a swap that I was participating in. The hostess didn't know Rose that well, and figured Rose was too new to take a chance on and dropped her. By the time I found out about it, it was too late to add her. I felt so bad for Rose and wrote her that I felt gyped, because I am not going to get the chance to possibly get her shrine.

I stand corrected now. :-) . She sent it to me anyway. Check it out, it was for a Dia De Los Muertos Shrine swap. She clearly spent more time on it than I did.

How freaking cool is that? Rose is a very talented Chica. She sells in shows all over and on the internet. Her work can be found here. You can also find her at myespacio too. Here is her link.

Yes, yes, it was a good day here in Casa Snatchisima.

Oh and I have been meaning to give this loca a shout out too. Last month, I was minding my business and getting my craft on at Scary Craft, (which, by the way, is tomorrow night. Hope to see you there!) when Evie, and her friend stopped by to give me a special delivery all the way from Kansas. Check it out!

It is a knitted eyball con horns and feets, made by The Grim Knitters I was speechless and so surprised! Do check them out, you will find them on Myspace. I am not sure if they have another online presence, but they are definitley worth the visit. Ms. Gauntlette of The Grim Knitters makes knitting ultra hardcore and cool. Her creations really kick so much ass!

Well thats a wrap. I am working on another blog, and I have some homework to finish.

Saludos good people!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday and Giving Thanks

4 years ago, the unthinkable happened. My best friend lost her son to a senseless murder. The shooter did not know her son, he couldn't find find his intended victim and he was determined to cause some damage. He succeeded. He shattered a thousand lives in an instant. I can't even describe what we went through during this tragedy. To this day, I marvel at my friend's courage to carry on without her beloved son. She struggles everyday, and some days are good, some not so good. Today was a tough day for her. Mario would have been 20 today. September 16th and August 6th (day he was taken from us) are two of the toughest days for her, for all of us, actually. When I got home today, there was a package waiting for me. Inside was a glass angel and a small votive candle with the words, Mario's 20th. Michelle dropped off these candles throughout the day and asked all of us to light his candle tonight to honor his birthday. For those who know me well, lighting a candle is very symbolic to me. It calms me, it comforts me and it grounds me. I was going to light one anyway, but I am more than honored to light his candle.

Mario meant so much to so many. I truly believe he was here to remind us how precious life is and how much we have to be thankful for. I mean really, when I am having a rough day, I think about Mario and am reminded how much I need to not sweat the small stuff.

So tonight, I salute my friend's son, and I salute all of you. Life is really a gift. Go hug someone for me tonight.

Below is an "official" photo we used for Mario's press. His story touched people throughout America. From pro ball players, actors, activists, police academies, teachers, students, and loved ones.

One Love

Easy Chica Style Necklace Pendant Tutorial

Hey Chica's in Craft. It is time for another easy breezy Tutorial. I actually made this project for a swap partner, and I liked it so much, I decided to make one for myself. You can keep this as simple as 123, or you can go as elaborate as you want. I am going to keep this tutorial on the simple side, and if you do make your own pendant, feel free to link it here.

Crafty Chica Mojito Paper
Crafty Chica Loteria Cards
Inkssentials Memory Glass and Pendant frames
Decorative paper

Glue stick
punch cutters (optional) I have a square punch that I used to cut my paper to size

Pick an image to go in the front and in the back of your pendant. I cut out a calavera from Kathy's loteria card, and I cut out an image of Frida for the backside. I also chose a glittered paper for the background of my calavera.

Here are my selections.

These glitter sheets are awesome. They already come with a sticky back, just peel and stick. (I purchased mine at a scrap book store)

Assemble your front piece. I added a butterfly behind my calavera. Sandwich your decorative paper behind your top piece of glass. I used a little stick glue to tack my calavera to my background paper. Then you are going to add your back piece of paper behind your front image and sandwich that in between your back piece glass.

Front Piece

Back Piece

Next, you will open your Memory frame and insert your pendant "sandwich" inside. Be careful not to force your glass in too quickly. Your glass may crack or break.

Viola, instant one of a kind "Chica Style" pendant. Really, you can do this all under 10 minutes!
Next thing to do is add it to a necklace, or if you are really hardcore, make your own necklace!
Look here, two necklace in 1! Talk about stretching your dollar!

Don't have access to Memory glass or frames? Here is your "99 cent" solution. (actually it is cheaper, but I like the phrase) You can also use the very cheap wooden cut outs they sell at your local craft store. They come in all shapes and sizes. All you have to do is drill a hole and I would seal with a varnish. You can collage, paint, add 3d embellishments. The sky is the limit!

Go ahead, Get Your Craft On!

A New Name & a Cool Guest Artist for September

No, not my name, but the name of our Scary Craft night!

(original post by Krissi Sanvick)

A new name and a cool guest artist for September!

I wanted to let everyone know we had an AWESOME time making hats last month with DyMa Creations. A special thanks goes out out to Miss Dy for lending her expertise as a self-proclaimed Haberdasher and Sewing Mogul Extraordinare to the uninitiated! Check out a couple of the toppers made - these are by Rain and her mom, Kathy! I still owe a blog on last month's challenge, and to let you know this month's (an easy and super fun one inspired once again by Yoli), but that will get its own post - probably tomorrow.

And now for something completely different:

Y'know, we're not JUST "crafters" a term which conjures for most a vision of a housewife gluing stuff to other stuff (not that there's anything wrong with it). Given that the new wave of crafters / DIYers / punk artisans incorporate fine art techniques into their scrapbooking (and vice versa) and wire electronics into their clothing, the term "crafter" just doesn't do us justice.

Enter this month's guest artist Christian Cinder - better known on the grid as simply C!nder - with a new term for what to call people who hoard beads next to their Golden Liquid Acrylics and use Aleene's white tacky glue as often as they use gel medium: creators. Therefore, Scary CRAFT is changing the name of our monthly Sacramento crafting night to "NIGHT of the CREATORS" (Frankenstein imagery intended). However, please feel free to call yourself a crafter ... or an artist ... or a housewife who glues stuff to other stuff (that would be me).

Well don't click away just yet, 'cause C!nder is a giver, and he isn't done yet! Please join us on 4th Tuesday, September 23rd from 6-9 for NIGHT of the CREATORS* featuring a "skull bat 3D paper toy" make & take with C!nder (we're expecting quite a turn out, so an RSVP is strongly recommended! Either post a comment here or send us an e-mail:

Skull Bat Prototype by C!nder

He'll bring printouts on cardstock of his skull bat image (no cost to you, but tips for the starving artist are appreciated), you bring some paper crafting stuff: craft knife, scissors, paints, your fave glue, embellishments, etc. While you assemble and embellish your very own skull bat, C!nder will give a 'down and dirty primer on making 3D versions of your own art.' Honestly, this is NOT to be missed!

More information will be posted (including a detailed supply list) next week. Until then, take a few minutes to check out C!nder's blog, his Flickr account, a review of his Hakubots on ToyCyte, and some of his art for sale on!

* Don't forget, the creations happen every 4th Tues from 6pm-9pm (except Nov/Dec) at:
Side Show Studios
5635 Freeport (Ste. 6)
Sacramento, CA
Crafty Create-y (we'll have to work on that one) love,

your scribe, Krissi (and Yoli by proxy)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Guerilla Style "Random Act of Kindness" Challenge

Hello everyone, once again, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my posts. I truly appreciate it. For those of you who have been with me for quite some time, know that I have a addiction to Yes, yes, I have even been known to lure unsuspecting crafty and artsy souls over there, to share my addiction.

I just posted a new swap, but I wanted to extend the invitation to all you you as well. You don't have to sign up at swap-bot, if you don't want too, you can just post your results here or on your own blog. All I ask is that you share your results with me and or send me the link to your blog so that I can pimp it out.

The name of my Swap is "Guerilla style Random Act of Kindness" and below is the info. I posted on Swap-Bot.

Guerilla Syle Random Acts of Kindness
Put this image on your site!
Swap Coordinator:sacredsnatch (contact)
Swap categories: Art Challenges Letters & Writing
Number of people in swap:1
Last day to signup/drop:October 3, 2008
Date items must be sent by:November 4, 2008
Number of swap partners:3

Ok people, it's time to make someone feel special. I don't know about you, but when I make someone feel good, I also feel good in return. It's a win, win situation. Making someone feel special does not require money, so in this challenge, I don't want you to buy a thing. Use what you have or what is inside your beautiful mind.

This swap is inspired by the book, "Guerilla Art Kit" an awesome and inspiring read.

The premise of this swap is that you will make 3 pieces of art. Your call, it may be one of the following:

A Doodle, A Journal entry, An uplifting quote, A random lette,r An ATC, A sticker, A poem, A mini shrine, A "Dotee Doll", A stuffie, A piece of jewelry, A mixed CD, A card or postcard with a nice note, A Photo.

Anything, I am just giving some suggestions, but really, if anything, just write out an inspiring message or even a "Have A beautiful Day" message on a piece of paper.

I want you to make at least 3, but you can make as many as you want. Then I want you to leave your "art" in a random place, for a random stranger to find. I then want you to take a picture of your note or art at the place you left it.

Sounds like fun? I certainly hope so! I can't wait to get started myself!

Here is the link to the actual Swap-bot Challenge