Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sacred Round Robin for Diabetes. Almost done!

For real, I still am spinning from excitement!

So I walk in the front door with my bags, folders, purse and Lappy, like I always do, and I spy several packages on the table for me. This is always nice.

After I change and figure out what is for dinner, I start with the smallest. To my pleasant surprise, I find an order I placed on Etsy last week. I was blown away at the quality and generosity of this seller! I ordered two of her Calavera patches, that by the way are at obscenely low prices. One is about 9 inches (huge) and the other is about 4 inches. On top of the of all that, she throws in a free patch with my name on it with a lovely letter! How bad ass is that?

Here feast your eyes!

Close up of my custom name badge patch.

Here is a close up of her smaller patch.

I love them! here is a link to her Etsy store. She rawks and please tell her Snatchy sent you. She said she will do custom order work too!

On to package number 2................
A big box from Amazon!

All the books are muey Fabuloso, and Mark of the Big Ass Craft book and Patti Wackof the Crafters guide to glue, are both homies of mine here on myspace and they are both super sweethearts. Both books rawk and have awesome crafts! Both are worth the buy. Trust me, I am super picky about the books I endorse and purchase! When I get a chance I will make some of the featured crafts and post them. Everything from functional to Kitchy to Kiddy!

One more package! ::Drum Roll Please::............................................
It's the Sacred Handbag Round Robin! This started back in August of last year, and made it across the country and back! Although I have it back in my hands, two artists that are from Sacramento still have to add their signature. The list of Artists is amazing! All of them posted little notes of how this challenge touched their lives and or shared how Diabetes affected a loved one.
Lots and lots of swag was included! I am truly blown away at everyone's creativity and generosity. I am actually levitating over here.
I am posting some teaser pics, but believe me, the pictures to not do it's justice and when I get back from my cruise, I will start the PR train so that we can put this baby up for auction and raise those funds for the Diabetes Foundation.

I hope I can count on all of you to help Pimp out this bag and cause. Any suggestions and tips will be appreciated. Also, it you want to donate any swag, please email me. I will make sure everyone gets credit and thanks again for making this mistake into a miracle!

For more info on previous posts about the artists and how the bag started,
click here, how it started
Clicklist of artists involved.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Can't Stop Myself!

Really, I can't!
I soooooooooo need to be doing some color touch up on my hair right now, right now, but instead, I'ma post me a blog! (Maybe two!)

So lately, I have been on this Plush, Softie, Paper, anything Doll kick. I have been having so much fun experimenting. I joined a few swaps to challenge myself to try different mediums. Yes, I can do more than Frida, Guadalupe and Dia De Los Muertos! hee.

So I thought I would share my latest creations with you. I am trying to work my way up to sculpting fabric doll faces, and lets just say, I am a work in progress. I have already tossed out three, but I am determined!

This first doll I made a couple of weeks ago for a Goddess Swap. I found that usually the bodies are well rounded and curvy. Of course I had to take it to the next level, because, well, that is what I do!

In case you need a closer view.......................

What can I say, I am a breast girl! (I wish I had em too)

Moving on....................
These two, I just finished last night

This first one is for a Dotee Doll Swap. If you are familiar with Swap-bot, there are tons and tons of Dotee Swaps. This one was for beginners and I thought I would put my own spin on her. Typically the faces all look pretty similar. Embroidered with the eyes shut and lashes, But, Noooooooo, I found some fabric, rubber stamped an image and then embossed and painted it. Then I sewed it on. I made a crown out of buttons, and it just reminded me of a Hula dancer, so I gave her a skirt to go with it.

My next doll was a first for me as well. It was for an Icicle Doll Swap with a spring theme. The shape is wide at the top and gets narrow at the bottom, (like an icicle) You can make these anyway you want. I made a clay face out of polymer clay, gave her gold mane and made her a beaded tassle and added a crystal at the bottom.

I also sprayed my dolls with liquid Smudge. (Sacred Sage) I bought at a Holistic Fair. It smells so wonderful and it is used for clarity, cleansing and protection.

I use this on everything and I love the way it smells!

I have another doll in the making, and I am working on a few other projects!
Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.

PS. The countdown has begun. I leave Monday for the CRAFTY CHICA cruise! Can I get an high 5?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Paper Dolls, Fabric Casa's and Big Blunders!

I, along with Krissi, recently joined the Mixed Media Artists of Northern Califonria. (That is a big name!) This wonderful group meets monthly, and these ladies RAWK. They welcomed us with open arms, sat us down and made us get busy with demonstrations, shared their tips and before we knew it, we were sucked in! These ladies come from Stockton, Vallejo, Folsom, Sacramento and other parts of the bay. These ladies are also committed. We couldn't believe all the talent sitting there at the table. For me, it was a little intimidating, but at the same time extremely motivating! Each month, they do different challenges and demos.

So during the stormy weather, these wonderful ladies joined together this past sunday, and I just had to snap some pics of what we all made. This month's challenge was a paper doll. I never made a paper doll, so I made two. My first one looked like a whore, but my second one, came out much better.


2nd attempt were a few artist tags I made, using my girl Frida, and I decided to make them into a doll.

here she is all "Spread" out.

One of the ladies brought this one in from a swap. I thought it was genious, and I plan on making some with my own spin!

Can you just imagine the possibilities?

Here is a group photo of all the dollies that were turned in.

They were so much fun! I highly recommend giving them a try.

After we passed around are dollies, it was time to get busy and do a project. We were to make little houses out of ATC cards and fabric. Janene (sp) made it so easy. Her pattern was super simple and we made them in no time.

Here is a pic of all the supplies I took. (I tend to go overboard, because I only needed to bring like 3 items)

This is what we came up with.

Mine is with the gold trim, Krissi's is the one with the Loteria card.

How cute are those? We only constructed them at the meeting, but were told to take them home and embellish them. The inside's are blank, so we have lots of work to do. When I finish mine, I will post it up.

Ok, comedy time. Be nice, but remember I told you Sharon took me to a pottery place for my birthday? Well we finally picked up our pieces. LMAO. Ok, first let me disclose.............. I have mad respect for ceramic artists, mmmkay? Ceramic paint all looks the same to me, and I didn't know that you seriously need to really, really coat and triple coat your paints. I did this blindly, and hoped for the best. My kid told me I oughtta be ashamed of myself. hmmmph, I would like to see him try it.

Mug 2

Kathy, you know that blog you just did about blunders? Well here are two big ones for you! Top that! haha.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Easy Fabric Fortune Cookie Tutorial

I know there are a ton of "Fortune Cookie" tutorials out there, but I am always on the search on how to simplify a project without compromising it's integrity. (lol, check me out trying to sound all technical!)

Anyhoo, here is my version. This can be made in any size. Fill it up with trinkets, love notes, fortunes or anything you fancy!

Supplies Needed:
Fabric of your choice
Sticky back Felt. (you can buy this at any craft store that carries craft felt)
Heavy gauge wire.
Circle template
Wire cutters

Trace your template around the back of the sticky side of the felt.

Peel back the paper and lay a piece of your wire across the felt.

Get your piece of fabric, wrong side up, and press your sticky side of the felt down on your fabric. Press and smooth out all air pockets and wrinkles and cut around your felt, till you have a clean circle.
(your wire should be sandwiched in between your felt and fabric.)

Now the magic happens! Fold your circle in half. Felt on inside, and fabric on the outside. Use the wire as your guide. The wire serves as the "spine" of your cookie. Once it is folded in half, you want to push the center and at the same time, grab the ends and fold them in so that they touch.

The wire will hold your cookie in place.

Don't be shy, fill em up with your favorite trinkets, love notes, fortunes and sweetness!
Viola! Seriously, you can do this little handmade goodness in less than 5 minutes!

Tell a friend!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Scary Sex Art Show peek

Well, I have been knocked the heck out this week with the flu! I started to feel a tiny bit better and left the house on Thursday to check in the office and to hang art. That dumb little move set me back on my arse! I could barely move yesterday, and regretfully I called my fellow Scary Art posse, and told them there would be no way I could come out to the show. (6pm - 10pm) I did say, if I could, I might do a drive by around 8pm. Being that I can be stubborn and hardcore, I did just that, A super quick drive by that lasted all but 15 minutes! I barely got to say hi to a few friends, and then I bounced before exploding into a pumkin! ::shivers::

I did manage to take some pics of the pieces I submitted. When I hung the art on Thursday, I forgot my camera, and had I taken the pics then, I would have stayed home tonight. I just hope it doesn't haunt me tomorrow!

Picture time.........

"Sacred Booty"

"Hevenly Tatas"

"A gift of Amore"

"Sacred Curves"

"Hoo's that Chica?" (To my pleasant surprise, had a big red SOLD sticker on it!) yay!

There were some amazing pieces there, and I hope to post more pics! I gotta get back in the sack!

Monday, February 4, 2008

I'ma Sex Shooter, Shooting Arte in Your Direction!

Thats right, I'll be reppin and slinging sexy arte this 2nd Saturday in Midtown. As soon as the paint dries, I will snap pics of my work. Be afraid, be very afraid! For those of you in the Greater Sacramento area, come by and say hi to yoiur favorite snatchy!

The Grind and Scary Show!

Grind & Groove ( and The Scary-Art Collective ( join together to celebrate diversity this Valentine's Day!

Grind & Groove was voted the best sex toy shop by the Sacramento News & Review's Best of 2007, catering to many members of Sacramento's Alternative, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Communities.

The Scary-Art Collective was formed in 2006 by Nicolas Caesar to provide an alternative to 'safe art' and unreachable price tags.

The Scary-Art Collective is an assembly of unique and exciting artists whose work breaks up the monotony of flavor of the month trends. We are a pack of strays who unite on the good ship Scary-Art and sail routinely to unusual locations; tattoo studios, adult boutiques, gyms, coffee houses, halloween parks, Dia De Los Muertos parades, movie theaters and even the occasional "real gallery" to bring affordable and original works to the neglected blue-collar demographic. While united, every artist involved makes and sells as their own entity. The group's goal is to support the work we'd want to see, as well as the artists and showrooms we've befriended. We celebrate and support each other as a team and our styles are complimentary.

Together Grind & Groove and The Scary-Art Collective are offering you an alternative to the usual Valentine's Day shopping experience. Never mind the boxes of chocolates or diamonds. Give your partner whether it's him, her, or both - something
they'll REALLY remember. Say no to tired and boring traditions and say yes to eccentric art and accented sex!

Grind & Groove
2226 K Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

the Scary-Art Collective Participating Members:

Temple Terkildsen

Sacred Snatch

Kepi Ghoulie

John Hageman, Jr

Samantha Marie Grove

Lost Goat

Chuck Hodi


Char Hall

Mark Fox

Mim Weisburd

Suzi Boneshaker

Krissi Sandvik

Nicolas Caesar

with guest art stars:

MAS Design Ceramic Oddities

Creepy Little Monkeys by Rebecca

Mike Casica

Andy Lankford

Erin Martinez and My Art in Blood®