Thursday, April 10, 2008

Beary Adorable. (A boy meets girl story)

Hey everyone, After my blog on the Bear I made for my nephew, I recieved this wonderful letter from one of my readers! I was so touched with her story, I asked if I could repost it and blog it here for your enjoyment. She gladly agreed, and I hope it puts a smile on your face. I just love Amore and Romance!

Thanks for Sharing Belia! Best wishes to you and your "Sweetie"

(pictures may take a minute to load, but well worth the wait!)

From: *La BabyBruja*C/S
Date: Apr 3, 2008 1:10 PM

Senorita Sacred Snatch-
Yay! After I saw your bear I got inspired and made my own. Here’s the story of my osito... my companero-sweetie always tells me how the first time we met I was wearing this red shirt, which was decorated with the phrase "Enjoy California" in the Coca-Cola logo style.
I felt sorta self-conscious when I put it on because I knew a little about Coca-Cola’s anti-union worker abuses in Colombia, but I figured I wanted to rep California here in NYC, and most people wouldn’t make the connection anyway.
And then I met him, a lefty-Colombiano who had done some organizing against Coca-Coal’s labor practices in Colombia. Of course, he didn’t think the shirt was so cute. But he used it as a conversation opener to ask me about Cali- and then it was on!
Anyway, I washed it, and it hella shrank, but I kept it for the sentimental value and always hoped I could figure out something to do with it.
As soon as I saw your bear, I knew how to turn it into an awesome gift! I even stuffed it with a little mushy love message letter hidden inside.
So, thanks for passing on the inspiration, and I LOVE your blog and all your awesome craftiness.
-Belia LaBabyBruja

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Funky Art Queen said...

That is the most precious little bear and the cutest story. Hugs