Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Before and After! Muah to Missy B!

Before..................................... (11-04-07)

After..............................................(3-31-08, Ok, I still need to stitch shut his leg, but I was too excited and wanted to post)

My how they grow so fast! teejee, Actually, the first pic is my adorable nephew. Last August, before he was born, I bought him the I Love New York sleeper when we were on vacation. Yes, it is true, I love New York, so I just had to by the cheesy sleeper for him. I don't think my sister was feeling it, because after he was born, I would ask her, "Have you put the sleeper on him yet?" She would always make up some lame excuse that it was too big for him. Whatever! So in November, I offered to change his diaper and as I changed him, I ransacked his drawers and found the sleeper, threw it on him and snapped away. I figured, it would be the only time he was going to rawk it, and he would be outgrowing it soon.

Guess what, I was right, and to my sister's relief, it no longer fit him. I was sad to know that it barely served it's purpose, so I asked for the sleeper and told her I would donate it or do something fun with it.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and the ever so Hawt and clever Missy Ballence.
offered a free Bear pattern on her blog. I downloaded it and finally, last night I put it to work! Now Lil Anthony can continue to show his support for NYC! Genius! Thanks Missy!

Buahahahahahahha ::evil cackle::


MIssy said...

awww man! That is BRILLIANT! That's all you girl with the heavy duty thinking and brainpower on how to recyle a cute little outfit into something that lasts FO'EVAH!!!! WHoot! You go girl!

Sacred Snatch said...

Girl, you ain't seen nothing yet. I am going to have to post a follow up. One of my readers made a bear with an old sentimental shirt of hers. It came out so cute, and I am so proud of her!

thanks for all the inspiration!