Thursday, June 19, 2008

Acomplishments, Celebrations, Sorrows, Beginnings and History

Yes, all of the above has happened to yours truly within the past 14 days. It's amazing how fast life moves. I mean seriously, the twists and turns, so unpredictable and so wonderful. This blog is a true testiment about how precious life is, and how we so need to make the best of it. All of it, the good, the bad and the ugly. Oh I know the ugly can seem so unfair, but it happens. Most likely for a reason. Oh we may not like the reasoning, but in the end I at least try and learn from my mistakes.

But I digress. So, I'd like to share the past few milestones that a few people I love in my life have accomplished. I was lucky enough to bear witness and enjoy and celebrate their moment. It is these moments that I like to store in my heart and reflect often. Especially when I encounter a bump along the way.

This first pic is of my baby sis. She has been living with us for the past 5 years, since my father's death. Last year she knocked us all on our arses when she confessed that she was pregnant. Fast forward through all the drama, we welcomed a beautiful baby boy into our lives. This year, through determination, she graduated high school. :D

Here she is with her son, who is turning 1 this September!

My youngest son reached a milestone too. He turned 18 last week. How that happened so fast, is beyond me. He is our gentle giant. He is the tallest of all our families combined! I still wonder if he he done growing.!

So much joy and then, quick as lightning, I get the news that a dear friend of mine past away. He was only 44 and was healthy as can be. A stroke took him away from us and we are all just stunned. As I type this out, I still can't believe he is gone. He was one of those remarkable souls that instantly reaches inside you and makes a mark for life. Rawland had a whole lot going for him; personality, looks, profession and passion, yet he was extremely humble about all his blessing. I met Rawland about 13 years ago. Sharon and I sold him his first house. He bought it so that his mother could live in it and then a couple of years later, he bought another house with his Dad, so that his dad had a place to live too. He wanted to make sure his parents were taken care of. Of course this made us love him even more. Although we weren't in constant contact. We would always hear from him from time to time, and both Sharon and I would call each other up all excited when we did run into him. It was like bragging rights to be able to share a chat with him. Honestly, he is one of those people that you just felt good to know he was out there somewhere. Made you still believe there were good people wandering around and how lucky you would be to run into a person like him. At his funeral, it was like a mini high school reunion. Rawland touched a lot of people from way back, and we all came to pay our respects to his family. It was an honor to be there and this is an understatement when I say, "he will be truly missed".

Saturday, it was time to put on a smile again, because my little brother's best friend got married at a beautiful spot along the Delta. Thank Ga, the weather was nice. Here is a pic of them just after they said their vows. They actually had been married a couple of years, but wanted to have a formal wedding with guests. They did a great job pulling it off!
Wednesday was filled with more love. Wednesday was a historical day for us "Californians" It is the 1st day the state was recognizing "Same Sex" marriages. Again, I was lucky enough to witness my friends, Marcella and Vanessa do what we hetro's have had the privilege of doing for a zillion years. They have been together for 18 years, and Wednesday, they made honest women out of each other.

Here they are making their vows.

Sheesh, get a room! lol, j/k! Here is their first kiss as spouses!

Married at last!

Reality set in.

And that, my friends, is where your favorite Snatchy has been. Life has been having her way with me, and because life is short, I have to listen and take advantage of each moment!

This blog is dedicated to the memory of Rawland, and to all my friends and family who I love dearly.



Peptogirl said...

awww...congrats AND condolences. You did have an event-filled two weeks!

roxycraft said...

I'm sorry about your friend, the good ones always go too young. But congrats on your sis and your son and all your marrying friends!! Sounds like a busy couple of weeks!

Margot Potter said...

Fabulous sorry about your friend. That's just too young.

Lots of good news in here too! You've been wicked busy sista! Big congrats to your sis, your son and your friends. Go California, GO!

Miss Madge

Sacred Snatch said...

Thanks Chicas! Yes, it has been a whirlwind!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Up...down...up...down... if that was my EMOTIONAL rollercoaster just reading your post, I can't imagine what ride your heart has been on. Big hugs to you for enduring, loving, learning, laughing, leaving the bad behind, embracing the GOOD, loving LIFE and sharing the beauty that your heart holds!

I knew I liked ya before, but now my heart has a huuuuuge spot reserved just for you!


xo, Monica

missy ballance said...

I am SOOO proud of your little sister! I worked with teen moms a lot and it's never easy to finish school with a baby! It takes strength and she's lucky she has that (and you all :)! And I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I think the world has lost a really good hearted person according to the stories you told. And finally congrats to the girls! I think this state has finally made a GOOD decision! LOL!
miss you and hope to see you soon!!

belindaschneider said...

wowza, so much going on, congrats to them all! condolences, so sad, 44 is really too young.