Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sex and the Swap

I can only imagine what kind of hits my blog will get with that title! I am still having a hard time living down the word Puta and how many people are directed to my site based on someone googling that word!

So a while back, I hosted a Sex and the City Swap with a few stellar swap homies of mine. The premise was to design or purchase a handbag that your favorite character would wear and fill it with goodies that you would find in her purse. I couldn't wait for this swap to begin! I have been a fan for years and I ran with the masses at opening night to watch my girls in action. However, I do think I may need to see the movie again, because if felt like I shoved an entire season in a couple of hours!

After a little Sexy inspiration,I decided to make, for my partner, a handbag that I think Carrie Bradshaw would wear. I ended up going after an evening look. I noticed her character had some love going on with the feathers and came up with this creation. I know it looks simple, but trust me when I say, working with that glittery fabric was no joke! I almost threw out my machine twice and I could not get the tension right to save my life. After a few frustrating days, I finally finished it! I gave it a pretty interior lining with a black and white floral silky pattern and then I decided to line the outside with some sexy black lace. I will admit, I did purchase the handle, but only because I didn't like the pearl selection I had in my stash.

Filling it was the fun part. I included a mini journal to jot her thoughts down. Some gum for that smoke she would sneak in here and there. A mini album filled with pictures of her, Big, and her girlfriends. Some fun earrings and a huge black blingy diamond ring. Some gloss and some lube. lol, Carrie did like to get her groove on too. She just wasn't so vocal about it. I also included a perfume sample in the event she had a close in counters with Big on a moment's notice!

A few days ago, came my SATC handbag from my wonderful partner, Kathy. OMG, this was her first swap ever and she blew me out the water. Kathy is an amazing crafter and seamstress. She makes awesome dresses, jackets, aprons and the list goes on and on. This bag, including the handle is all handmade. I rawked this bag at a wedding this weekend and received lots of compliments!

But wait, it gets even better! She totally captured Samantha's essence in this bag and it's contents! I mean, really, how much better does it get?

Inside was a manual on some very "interesting" positions. Various lubes and "Dickie" Breath mints. The little captions she wrote on the packaging had me cracking up. Condoms of course were a given, a beautiful blingy bracelet, some Dicky Charms, a Wash the Sins away packet. (perfecto) A birthday card celebrating Samantha's 50th birthday, and a great album with pics of the girls.

Oh and here is the Piece de Resistance............................. Samantha's famed pearl Thong! (Handmade but of course!)

lmao, how awesome is that? Then to add even more to my score. I rec'd another fabulous package from my homegirl, Juli.

She knocked my chonez off too. The Swap was called Literary Surprises. The premise was to select a book and create a package and or craft that incorporated the book. That lil sneak went to my Amazon wish list and created a bonanza of a package around the book.(Scraptastic) by the way, the book rawks, and I highly recommend it. It is filled with easy and creative techniques. You know I am all about the technique. I feel some tutorials coming people!

Feast your eyes! Not only did she include tons of beautiful ephemera, she also painted a mini masterpiece for me utilizing one of the techniques from the book!

Kathy and Juli, Thank you so much for your creativity and generosity! You have truly captured the spirit of a great swapper!


Krissi's Stitchery said...

Rock on! You're like a magnet for awesome swappers!

Anonymous said...

you rock sista! what a cool idea to host a sex and the city swap. although my reality is different, i loved that show and boy the movie!!