Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Crafty Chica Products Available August 1st!

Posted for my friend, Kathy. Tell a friend! I have seen and played with these products, trust me, you won't be disappointed. Muey sparkley, and a whole lot of fun. Just her glitters alone, stand on their own!

Coming August 1st! Oh jeepers, that is in TWO and a half days!

Will you help me spread the word? My husband and I have been making art for 18 years and selling it, and sharing ideas on my CraftyChica. com web site for other people to make art too.

In April 2007, we were approached by one of the largest craft manufacturers to design our own product line based on the web site and our artwork. There are lots of cool things - shrine kits, holographic glitters, etc...some items even have some multi-culti flair!

A good sign; The product line just won the Innovations Best in Show Award for General Crafts at the Craft & Hobby Trade Show last week!

Here are the store locations that will be carrying it!

Thank you for all your support over the years, it means so much!!!! and thank you to Michaels and Duncan Enterprises making this happen!

CraftyChica. com


Cyndi said...

i'm so excited. i'm heading to michaels today to see if her stuff is up! i'm starting my mexican pop arte classes in august! yea!
still working on ur swap. i'm so slow. how do you do 5,000 in one month woman!
dang baby. u want some fries with that shake?!

Sacred Snatch said...

Girrrrrrl, I know it looks like I do a thousand swaps, (ok, I do) but they typically have long due dates.

Orale, I can't here to hear more about your classes!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

OOOO, fun goodies to play with!!!

I'm here to celebrate with you grrrrl for the START of our drawing for BREAST CANCER research. We are well on our way now!

*whew* We worked our butts off and it is now time to reap what we sewed (lol).

Happy arting, Monica :)

(can't wait, I now have more free time to stop in and visit)