Monday, July 14, 2008

Sacred Roll Call

Note to my readers: I copied and pasted this post from my myspace blog. The links may not work. I know, I know, why would I do this? Trust me, this was an old blog from before I started blogging like a big girl. Any future blogs will be started here and then copied and pasted to my myspace blog.

I just wanted to share this story with you..............

Ok, I am reposting this from last year. YES, I said last year! I just wanted to make sure I included all artists that are involved. I am turning the baton over to Melody of Sugarcube society. She is my homegirl that started the inspiration for this fundraiser. She is back at it again this year, and because she has connections with getting this bag the proper attention, I am turning over the bag to her. Please hit her up with a friend request on myspace to stay updated. (Of course I will be updating too)

Orginal Post:

Update number 3!

Sacred Bag is on it's way to the last artist in Texas. (Devine Dolls) from there it will be going to Arizona to pay a makeover visit to Kathy of Crafty Chica, before heading to Southern Cali and making it's way back north. Michele of fat thumbs sent me pictures and I am so excited. The bag is coming along beautifully, I can't wait to blast the finished product! Remember, this bag will be on auction for charity. (Diabetes) and I am hoping yall can help me pimp this out when the time comes to auction it off.

I was hoping to get the bag back by the 21st, but if we need an extra week, that is ok. My goal was to auction it off before our Diabetes walk on October 7th and I am still holding onto that hope, but we can still auction it off after, if we have too.

I am working on a press release to send out to local papers to try and get this auction and it's artist's some PR.

This bag started out as a disaster. I was putting it together, and felt that I really fawked it up and was ready to trash it. Rather than throw it away, I thought about putting the bag to an Artist Challenge and offered to send it out to someone who wants to save it and acutioning it off for charity. The response was so overwelming, that Michele. of Fat Thumbs, came up with the idea of letting everyone work on it. Thus the Sacred Bag Round Robin was created.

Artists involved.

Official Art of ASM

Crafty Chica

Ignition Girls

Art by Krissi

Fat Thumbs Originals

Alisa in San Diego

Artist Alexa

Divine Dolls


Hella Crafty




Rain of Rain's Embellishments

Melody of Sugarcube Society

and of course, me, Sacred Snatchy

I am mailing it out to the farthest Artista back east, and then have it head west towards Califonia.

That means the lucky first Artist is Mariah in Florida.

Please remember only keep the bag for a few days maximum and then pass it on to the next Artist. Don't be shy about whoring out the inside as well. If you find that you can't or ran out of time, don't feel bad about it, just let me know so that I can tell you where to send it next.

When you are ready to send the bag to the next Artista, please e-mail me via Myspace so I can give you the next forwarding address.

I will include the list of names along with the bag, please initial next to your name when sending it off to the next Artista. Also, if you are choosing to include some Swag or a anything, please list the contents next to your name so that I can properly acknowledge your contributions. Don't forget to include your card!

Once again, thank you All so much for donating your precious time to this worthy cause. As a reminder, I will be auctioning off this fine bag here on Myspace where all proceeds will be going to our Diabetes fundraiser. (Click here for more info)

I truly think this bag will be very desirable with all this creative talent!

Again, my goal is to have this hot little bag back to me by September 21st, 2007. That is aprox. 39 days from now, so time is of the essence!Here is another link regarding our fundraising and our walk on October 7th.



Haha, I wanted this done in 39 days! Oh well, I do believe the bag and swag was definitely worth the wait. I just got an awesome Guadalupe eyeglass case from Krissi. Thanks girl, You Rawk! FYI, this bag traveled over 7500 miles!

Ok, stay tuned boys and girls!


Cyndi said...

Hahaha Woman u make me laugh! I di'int mean to tease about the altered matchbox. i hope u likie.
i'm a bit nervous now that it's sent.
about this post of urs. i read it on myspace and now here and i still don't understand what's happening. i know. i know. it probably explains it all perfectly, but i can't seem to grasp what's going on.

Krissi's Stitchery said...

It's more like the "Sacred Swag Bag" there are so many goodies in it now!

xo right back at ya,


Cyndi said...

thank gawd she likes it!!! i have been ultra nervouse, this being my first ever swap and as it turns out i'm in it with la raina de los swaps. grrrl all my nails are gone.
thank you for opening this world to me. you are forever my homegirl.
hey i was bragging about ur frida matchbox shrine swap and my gf loves urs too!

Sacred Snatch said...

Aww Shucks,

Thank you Cyndi!