Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Addiction! Drive by Random Acts of Kindness

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about a swap I was hosting on Swap-bot. Well I am happy to say, it just started a couple of days ago, and already, I am getting amazing feedback from a couple of the chica's that dove right in. I only requested that people randomly drop off 3 pieces of art, notes, doodles, or whatever in random areas and take a photo of their deed. However, a couple of these ladies are already knee deep in their RAK addiction and have already dropped off a handfull of RAK's throughout their cities. They have also written to me about how much joy they are getting out of this, and have vowed to continue dropping off random goodness thruout. I opened up a flickr group so that everyone can share their experience and or partake in the challenge. You can find the group here. (please feel free to join and view photos and discussions)

I have yet to drop mine off, but I did make three collaged postcards with a note for the finder. My goal is going to be to drop them off at various places during 2nd Saturday's art walk here in Sacramento. Which brings me to the point of my blog....

I want to challenge each and every reader of this blog to practice one RAK. It doesn't have to be art, it can be a phone call, an extra tip, a letter, a one liner, anything. Trust me, you will get so much more out of it than the receiver. Some are even calling this excercise of good faith, theraputic, and I have to agree.

I remember a couple of years ago, my husband and I were trying to merge on the Bay Bridge's toll booth. We had gotten in the wrong line (fast track) and needed to scoot over to a booth that accepted cash. We had blinkers on, and were trying to make eye contact with anyone who would show mercy on us. We found a little clearance and were just about to merge onto the next lane when a car sped up and laughed at us as we tried to get in front of her. Well Karma stepped in because as they were looking back at us and laughing, she hit the car in front of her. "Ouch".
Another car stopped and let us get in front of them. We were so thankful, that at the toll booth, we paid for our toll and the car behind us. That particular RAK still feels good to this day.

Whoops, look at me, I am rambling! So yeah, do your RAK and let me know how it went. You can post here or at my flickr group. I would also like to challange all my Scary Art Collective ghoulies to participate with me.

Oh, and if you have the time and are in my city, do stop by our shows. We are participating in two shows.

Blood & Guts Do Sell
October 11, 6-10pm
Side Show Studios

Scarry-Art Collective Halloween Show

October 11, 6-10pm
Body Tribe

Do stop by and hollar at your girl!


Eveline said...

I have read about this before and I always mean to do something similar but never get round to it. I know, crazy, right? But I will make an effort, promise!