Monday, March 31, 2008


Frida was reppin it hard in my casa last week. I started out with making a Frida clutch for my mother's birthday. I used a Frida fabric on the outside and a Caliente Chili Pepper fabric on the inside.
I put in a lil Santo at the side for good luck and to watch over mi Mama.

Well, you know the old saying, the more you give, the more you receive! Yep, I am a firm believer, and within the next two days, I received two awesome gifts! My Girl, Marcella came through and brought me these killer socks! lol, just when I thought I saw it all, BAM! I get a wonderful curve ball. Don't these rawk? I am thinking of making these into a coin purse or sock monkey. These are too cute to keep under my pant leg!

The following day, I opened my mail to find a wonderful fabric wall hanging from a swap I joined on Swap Bot. I was speechless. Number 1, the swap just opened and I haven't even begun to think about what I am going to send my partner, and number two, she sent me Frida! I have been carrying around this little gem for days and have been shoving it under everyone's nose! I just know they are jealous! hehe, and they should be! This lovely piece was made by the talented, Ms. June.

Isn't that sweet? Thank you so much June, I promise to take excellent care of her! Yes, she will finally be put to rest on my wall!

And that concludes our journey to the land of Frida. :D


Anonymous said...

Yoli Rules!
you've been tagged

BellaKarma said...

So much Coolness in one post! ;-)

PLO said...

I hope there will be more journeys in to the land of Frida. Viva la Frida!

Gaby Bee. said...

Love Frida, too!