Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Easy Chica Style Necklace Pendant Tutorial

Hey Chica's in Craft. It is time for another easy breezy Tutorial. I actually made this project for a swap partner, and I liked it so much, I decided to make one for myself. You can keep this as simple as 123, or you can go as elaborate as you want. I am going to keep this tutorial on the simple side, and if you do make your own pendant, feel free to link it here.

Crafty Chica Mojito Paper
Crafty Chica Loteria Cards
Inkssentials Memory Glass and Pendant frames
Decorative paper

Glue stick
punch cutters (optional) I have a square punch that I used to cut my paper to size

Pick an image to go in the front and in the back of your pendant. I cut out a calavera from Kathy's loteria card, and I cut out an image of Frida for the backside. I also chose a glittered paper for the background of my calavera.

Here are my selections.

These glitter sheets are awesome. They already come with a sticky back, just peel and stick. (I purchased mine at a scrap book store)

Assemble your front piece. I added a butterfly behind my calavera. Sandwich your decorative paper behind your top piece of glass. I used a little stick glue to tack my calavera to my background paper. Then you are going to add your back piece of paper behind your front image and sandwich that in between your back piece glass.

Front Piece

Back Piece

Next, you will open your Memory frame and insert your pendant "sandwich" inside. Be careful not to force your glass in too quickly. Your glass may crack or break.

Viola, instant one of a kind "Chica Style" pendant. Really, you can do this all under 10 minutes!
Next thing to do is add it to a necklace, or if you are really hardcore, make your own necklace!
Look here, two necklace in 1! Talk about stretching your dollar!

Don't have access to Memory glass or frames? Here is your "99 cent" solution. (actually it is cheaper, but I like the phrase) You can also use the very cheap wooden cut outs they sell at your local craft store. They come in all shapes and sizes. All you have to do is drill a hole and I would seal with a varnish. You can collage, paint, add 3d embellishments. The sky is the limit!

Go ahead, Get Your Craft On!


Belén Rodríguez said...

Great tutorial! I'm going to look for those frame pendants next time I go to the craft store.

www.glitterandgrunge.com said...

love it!

Babytreese said...

Fantastic tutorial and awesome way to use the lotteria cards! Thanks so much!!

Krissi's Stitchery said...

You GOTSTA put this on the Scary CRAFT blog!

rosieposie said...

LOVE THIS! Way fun! I have all this stuff! I bought the new 1" inch size and will use that instead!

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