Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A New Name & a Cool Guest Artist for September

No, not my name, but the name of our Scary Craft night!

(original post by Krissi Sanvick)

A new name and a cool guest artist for September!

I wanted to let everyone know we had an AWESOME time making hats last month with DyMa Creations. A special thanks goes out out to Miss Dy for lending her expertise as a self-proclaimed Haberdasher and Sewing Mogul Extraordinare to the uninitiated! Check out a couple of the toppers made - these are by Rain and her mom, Kathy! I still owe a blog on last month's challenge, and to let you know this month's (an easy and super fun one inspired once again by Yoli), but that will get its own post - probably tomorrow.

And now for something completely different:

Y'know, we're not JUST "crafters" a term which conjures for most a vision of a housewife gluing stuff to other stuff (not that there's anything wrong with it). Given that the new wave of crafters / DIYers / punk artisans incorporate fine art techniques into their scrapbooking (and vice versa) and wire electronics into their clothing, the term "crafter" just doesn't do us justice.

Enter this month's guest artist Christian Cinder - better known on the grid as simply C!nder - with a new term for what to call people who hoard beads next to their Golden Liquid Acrylics and use Aleene's white tacky glue as often as they use gel medium: creators. Therefore, Scary CRAFT is changing the name of our monthly Sacramento crafting night to "NIGHT of the CREATORS" (Frankenstein imagery intended). However, please feel free to call yourself a crafter ... or an artist ... or a housewife who glues stuff to other stuff (that would be me).

Well don't click away just yet, 'cause C!nder is a giver, and he isn't done yet! Please join us on 4th Tuesday, September 23rd from 6-9 for NIGHT of the CREATORS* featuring a "skull bat 3D paper toy" make & take with C!nder (we're expecting quite a turn out, so an RSVP is strongly recommended! Either post a comment here or send us an e-mail: scaryCRAFT@gmail.com).

Skull Bat Prototype by C!nder

He'll bring printouts on cardstock of his skull bat image (no cost to you, but tips for the starving artist are appreciated), you bring some paper crafting stuff: craft knife, scissors, paints, your fave glue, embellishments, etc. While you assemble and embellish your very own skull bat, C!nder will give a 'down and dirty primer on making 3D versions of your own art.' Honestly, this is NOT to be missed!

More information will be posted (including a detailed supply list) next week. Until then, take a few minutes to check out C!nder's blog, his Flickr account, a review of his Hakubots on ToyCyte, and some of his art for sale on Scary-Art.com!

* Don't forget, the creations happen every 4th Tues from 6pm-9pm (except Nov/Dec) at:
Side Show Studios
5635 Freeport (Ste. 6)
Sacramento, CA
Crafty Create-y (we'll have to work on that one) love,

your scribe, Krissi (and Yoli by proxy)


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Hey, I think I can make this one!

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