Monday, February 4, 2008

I'ma Sex Shooter, Shooting Arte in Your Direction!

Thats right, I'll be reppin and slinging sexy arte this 2nd Saturday in Midtown. As soon as the paint dries, I will snap pics of my work. Be afraid, be very afraid! For those of you in the Greater Sacramento area, come by and say hi to yoiur favorite snatchy!

The Grind and Scary Show!

Grind & Groove ( and The Scary-Art Collective ( join together to celebrate diversity this Valentine's Day!

Grind & Groove was voted the best sex toy shop by the Sacramento News & Review's Best of 2007, catering to many members of Sacramento's Alternative, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Communities.

The Scary-Art Collective was formed in 2006 by Nicolas Caesar to provide an alternative to 'safe art' and unreachable price tags.

The Scary-Art Collective is an assembly of unique and exciting artists whose work breaks up the monotony of flavor of the month trends. We are a pack of strays who unite on the good ship Scary-Art and sail routinely to unusual locations; tattoo studios, adult boutiques, gyms, coffee houses, halloween parks, Dia De Los Muertos parades, movie theaters and even the occasional "real gallery" to bring affordable and original works to the neglected blue-collar demographic. While united, every artist involved makes and sells as their own entity. The group's goal is to support the work we'd want to see, as well as the artists and showrooms we've befriended. We celebrate and support each other as a team and our styles are complimentary.

Together Grind & Groove and The Scary-Art Collective are offering you an alternative to the usual Valentine's Day shopping experience. Never mind the boxes of chocolates or diamonds. Give your partner whether it's him, her, or both - something
they'll REALLY remember. Say no to tired and boring traditions and say yes to eccentric art and accented sex!

Grind & Groove
2226 K Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

the Scary-Art Collective Participating Members:

Temple Terkildsen

Sacred Snatch

Kepi Ghoulie

John Hageman, Jr

Samantha Marie Grove

Lost Goat

Chuck Hodi


Char Hall

Mark Fox

Mim Weisburd

Suzi Boneshaker

Krissi Sandvik

Nicolas Caesar

with guest art stars:

MAS Design Ceramic Oddities

Creepy Little Monkeys by Rebecca

Mike Casica

Andy Lankford

Erin Martinez and My Art in Blood®



girl_gone_thread_wild said...

i wanna go i wanna go! I do hope you can blog this event! ~Monica

Sacred Snatch said...

hehe, for sure!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

working in the same genre means you own it! and are perfecting it or have perfected it!!! I for one jump so many different directions I hardly know what I'm doing at times, heh. You inspire ME! Lost in the madness, Monica