Saturday, February 9, 2008

Scary Sex Art Show peek

Well, I have been knocked the heck out this week with the flu! I started to feel a tiny bit better and left the house on Thursday to check in the office and to hang art. That dumb little move set me back on my arse! I could barely move yesterday, and regretfully I called my fellow Scary Art posse, and told them there would be no way I could come out to the show. (6pm - 10pm) I did say, if I could, I might do a drive by around 8pm. Being that I can be stubborn and hardcore, I did just that, A super quick drive by that lasted all but 15 minutes! I barely got to say hi to a few friends, and then I bounced before exploding into a pumkin! ::shivers::

I did manage to take some pics of the pieces I submitted. When I hung the art on Thursday, I forgot my camera, and had I taken the pics then, I would have stayed home tonight. I just hope it doesn't haunt me tomorrow!

Picture time.........

"Sacred Booty"

"Hevenly Tatas"

"A gift of Amore"

"Sacred Curves"

"Hoo's that Chica?" (To my pleasant surprise, had a big red SOLD sticker on it!) yay!

There were some amazing pieces there, and I hope to post more pics! I gotta get back in the sack!


Rain said...

Great stuff chica!!!

Funky Art Queen said...

Love that work girl and so sorry you are sick. Get well--flu sucks!!!!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Hey, good to see you are back up again, flu can't keep yOU down! Love your tata's ... hey, can I say that? Your art is vrry kuhl, wish I could have been at this showing- you know I wanted to be there!

I know i know, i keep saying this but your blog is a knockout!!!
i was greeted with an art doll in your slide show with amazing curves! ~Monica