Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August Scary Craft Night Make and Take and Online Challenge

August Craft Night - Little Black Hats & More!

Hey Scary Kids!

The next Night of the CRAFTERS, Sacramento's original Craft Night is coming for you! On August 26 (a week from Tuesday), at the same Bat-time (6pm-9pm), same Bat-channel (Side Show Studios, Sacramento) we are pleased to present an embellished mini-hat make 'n' take by DyMa Creations!

Join us and make a unique "Little Black Hat" that reflects your style and personality while learning tips and tricks from the Haberdasher and Sewing Mogul Extraordinare herself! Kits are available (see below) or BYO stuff.*** Not sure what to pack in? You can get some ideas from the DyMa Creations Etsy store or view her Little Black Hats with homes. Don't wanna make a hat? That's OK - ya don't gotta. Just bring your crafty self, supplies for whatever you want to work on and a folding chair (if you have one) and join the glue sniffing. WARNING - you may leave covered in glitter.

***IMPORTANT: For this class, kits ABSOLUTELY MUST be reserved in advance. Please message us or comment below to reserve one or more of these kits (CASH ONLY PLEASE - price is dependent on embellishments chosen - payable to artist at time of class):
  • $8-10: full kit (5½" hat form and your choice of embellishments)
  • $5-7: embellishments only (BYO hat)
  • $4: hat form only (BYO embellishments)
  • oh, and of course, $0: no kit - BYO everything or craft on your own - no reservation needed!
Other important stuff to bring: sharp scissors and your own bottle of Fabri-Tac (by Beacon Adhesives) fabric glue. If you don't have that stuff, just sit next to someone who shares!

See you at the crafting tables!

Online Tutorial & August Craft Challenge!

Hey Scary Crafters, it's Krissi again. La Snatchita and I have been a wee bit behind on our craft challenges, and we want to tell you that we know and we're deeply apologetic (psshhh!)

Well, my friends, I'm happy to say that the drought is over! Here is a tutorial from Jennifer Perkins of Craft Lab /Naughty Secretary Club brought to us via our own Sacred Snatch Designs.
Now, here is YOUR challenge:

  1. Create your own 'batik' decorative paper(s) using this technique
  2. Make something using the paper you just designed - anything is OK, ATC, mixed-media on canvas, envelope, card, paper your office, whatever.
For our non-local folks, you will:
  1. Post a photo of your masterpiece (along with a "before" shot of your finished paper) on your blog/website/Flickr/whatever account, then
  2. Post a comment on OUR blog with a link to your photo
  3. Complete all of this by Monday night, August 25th at 7pm PDT (10pm Eastern)
Sacramentans may either follow the above procedures, or bring their creations to Night of the Crafters on the 26th (we'll take photos). After the glitter clears, we'll gather all the pics together and post them in a singl blog (with links back to all of our wonderful contributors, of course)!



Cyndi said...

Hi. Here's the link to my blog with pictures of my batik art!


Had a lot of fun!
Rock on!