Monday, August 25, 2008

Sacramento Has Much Love For Crafty Chica!

Hey Crafty Homies,

Lately I have been lazy with my blogs and have been cutting and pasting all of Krissi's hard work. (with her permission of course) So this time ,I am going to put in my own two centavos about our day with La Reyna, La Crafty Chica.

Although, I will admit, I am ganking Krissi's pics because I was so busy, I didn't have a chance to take my own. :-)

Friday was Sacramento's turn to represent and show our love for Crafty Chica. She had incredible turn outs at her prior tour stops, and I knew it was time for me to bring out the big guns! Yep, I rallied a few homies and told them to head out to Sacred Casa, because I am throwing a little luncheon Pachanga to help nourish Kathy and family for the final leg of her tour.

My girl, Sharon who is not only my bestest homie, business partner and awesome catorer, helped me with my decorations and shopping the on the night before. We decided to do a panini bar with all kinds of yummy fixings, cupcakes, peach cobler, & macaroni salad.

Krissi brought an amazin"Mexican Fruit Salad with ancho chile powder and a taste of tequila!" Trust me, it was the shizznet,mmmkay?

Mexican Fruit Salad!

There was a super tasty menu - each sammie was assembled and grilled to order and we decided to build a custom Panini for the guest of honor.

menu & art by Yoli Mazo of Sacred Snatch Designs; photo by Kathy Cano-Murillo

Some of the decorations we included were Kathy's books (she has about 5 craft books) and my custom Crafty Chica Empowerment Guardian (I made on her cruise, earlier this year) helped to make this a truly Crafty Chica luncheon!

Party decorations! Yoli's decorations for Chica pre-party! Whatta table!

There was even an extra "loving" shrine on display! (You "Go" Kathy!) hehe.

shrine by Kathy (!) for Rain thru

I decided to use Kathy's mojito papers to decorate the cuppy cakes! I thought they looked super festive if I do say so myself.

toppers made by Yoli out of Crafty Chica "Mojito" decorative papers
Tower o' Crafty Cupcakes

Here are the "glitter" cupcakes that Amy of Peptogirl Industries brought with her (after battling and finally winning with Mapquest!) Thanks Amy! My son ate just about all of them and lectured me about how these were "real" cupcakes. Hmmmmph. ;-)

This was a last minute get together, and I just want to thank all of you that came and helped make this a memorable and special day.

Great minds think alike - Kathy wearing her custom Skelekitty earrings from Krissi and with Rain and the fiesta calavera earrings she made for Kathy.
Cute Kathy in her new Skelekitty earrings! Rain & Kathy

Helped along by the awesome food and Sacred Mama's Magic Sangria! She has been guarding this recipe for ages and only busts it out on the most special of occassions!

Yours truly with Virginia, my 'Sacred Mama,' as she makes sangria! Kathy deciding on whether to have white or red...
Yoli, Virginia & Kathy

Patrick wonders if he can take two more days of glitter and estrogen... D'Angelo has already checked out with his Sidekick.El Patrick!

And all of this before 3pm! Whew! Everyone took a little break after that and we met up at the Sacramento (Truxel Road) Michaels store for the official Spread the Sparkle event!

I am so proud of all who came and welcomed Kathy with open arms. Michaels did a fanstastic job announcing Kathy's presence and enhanced everything with cooooooooooookies! I even scored the coveted "Lucy" who is getting a little sparkle lift and seal.

Thanks Kathy! I'll take good care of her!

All of this goodness was followed by a late farewell dinner with Kathy, Patrick and Krissi.
So much happiness on an eve of another fabulous weekend that included crafting, and a BBQ on a beautiful Sunday Evening.

Thank you Universe!


An Altered Life said...

Damn! Once again I miss all of the fun, it's just not fair! Food AND glitter......

Krissi's Stitchery said...

Well, either we all pick up and move to Hawaii with Bets, or we get her creative butt over here (I vote for option #1).

An Altered Life said...

Oh, I would love that, come on over!!!!!!!!!!

Karen Fayeth said...

*gasp* You mean that Lucy got to stay in Cali??

Love, love, love it!

Take good care of her...

Ya'll up in Sac really rocked it! Nicely done. said...

sounds like it was super fun!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

oh what FUN I had catching up on your blog today! Glitter cupcakes and spiked juice!!!! that is the shizzzz... nit sistah!

Missed you and your funky goings ons... have a super Saturday!


pattie said...

What a wonderful...Wonderful read...and Hell...I wish I lived closer to that party...WOW!!!!!!