Thursday, March 20, 2008

Be Afraid, Be very Afraid. Pics of my estudio.

I am biting off of Kathy's blog (Crafty Chica). She dared to do a blog featuring her sacred studio, and she inspired me to come clean about my workspace.

I too, had visions of a large open space, brightly lit, overlooking our glistening pool. I even fantasized about building a small workspace in our back yard with power and and clear drawers galore with all my ephemera neatly organized and sub organized. A large desk for my lappy and new printer would face the sliding french doors and I would have one large table for gatherings and another folding sewing table. All of this space would be in a Mexican meets Moroccan theme.

I would have chica's over all the time and during the hot summers, we would create, and take dips in the pool.

It could happen!

lol, for now, I am limited to my former formal dining room. Fortunately, I have a large breakfast room that seats a large table and benches as well as a large dining bar in my kitchen. (we eat informally) Only on special occassions did we use the formal dining room, go guess what, I packed my show and nested right there on the antique table. I have pocket doors, so this mess, I mean inspiration is easily concealed.

Ok, tread carefully, I wouldn't want you to get lost or get any loose glitter on you. (Ok, I lie, I hope you find glitter everywhere. ::evil cackle::

This is where I have all my embellishments. Yes, those drawers are loaded to the gills with tools, embellishments, rubber stamps, sequins, beads, fibers, religious relics, gloss, threads and in that bag on top of the small table is where I store my sewing machine.

This is the top of my desk,work table, and cutting board. This is on a good day.

Oh, it also serves as my sewing table. I am the Queen of multifunction! (notice the gold thread?)

Ahhh, here is where I dock my IPod. (It was also here where my last one got stolen. (our casa was broken into last year, and thankfully no one got hurt and they got away with nothing but my IPOD) Under my boom box is where I store felt and colored tissues as well as boxes in all shapes. To the right, is my fabric and trim bin and my sewing basket full of Gawd knows what.....

This is my paper storage and mailing center. (actually it's where I store my stationary for notes that go in my orders and swaps)

The large bins to the left are full of cigar boxes and handbags waiting to be altered and created into something.

All in all, this space is about 9 feet long and 7 feet wide. (If that)

I told you it wasn't pretty!


Crafty Chica said...

high five, yoli!!! alas, i feel at peace with the universe knowing that i'm not the only one who makes happy messes!!! i might just have to post pics of the other half of the room!! way to go!!

Sacred Snatch said...

Ha! Thanks girl, it is actually more liberating than I thought. I just hope I don't escare peeps into thinking the rest of my house looks like this!

My husband would be mortified if he knew I blasted my business like this.


Miss Krissi's Fiber Arts said...
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Miss Krissi's Fiber Arts said...

Yoli, as I do Kathy, I bow at your feet for having the huevos to show off your studio when it's not in Home & Garden ready condition!

(I took photos yesterday.)

Sacred Snatch said...

Whaddaya talking about? This is my estudio on a good dia!

Actually, I have been cleaning and sifting, and organizing and downsizing the piles.

Maybe I'll do some follow up pics before it turns into a pumkin again.

Melissa H said...

welcome to blogging, yoli! Just found out about your blog from Amy ;)