Thursday, March 20, 2008

Trades Rawk!

Yay, I was fortunate enough to score a trade with the fabulous Ms. Funky Art Queen. A few weeks ago she posted a blog about an ATC swap, and I jumped at the chance. ATC cards (Artist Trading Cards) are all the rage and I love them because they can be done, zip, zap if you want, or you could spend days on them. Sky's the limit, and although some are for sale, the original premise was that these little gems be traded only. The founder of this movement thought everyone should be able to own original art, and started the trading movement. ATC's have exploded across the world and I find it quite moving to open up my mail and staring at me, is an original piece of art just for me.

I have quite a collection building up and have now settled on finding ways to store them and display them. I am working on this altered art journal and have decided that this will be the perfect way to show off and store my mini works of arte.

If you haven't jumped on the ATC train yet, get busy! They are loads of fun, and the sky is the limit!

Ok, picture time!

Sorry for the poor quality of picture. My scanner is on the mend, so I took pics of these with my camera. This is what I rec'd from Funky Art Queen.

This is what I just mailed out to her today. I have been having fun mixing it up a bit. I hand painted and rubber stamped sheets of fabric for the background and then I made a photo transparency out of packaging tape, using Frida's image. Then I added some embellishments and stitched around the card using different stitches. I am a firm believer of using metallic threads. I know some metallic threads can be tricky to work with, but I found these threads at Wal-Marrrrrrrr of all places. It is just as sturdy as regular thread and it is not necessary to use specialty metallic needles! yay!

Now go make some Art!


Funky Art Queen said...

Oh, hope it's ok I snuck a peak. Can't wait to get my frida! I just set up a little Frida Shrine in my house. ONly have a few I need more! Thanks for doing this swap with me. FUN! Hurry up Mr. Mailman