Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's all about timing, positioning, and Douching!

It’s true, this fact (my title of blog) was stated while eating breakfast with a table full of random strangers on a recent cruise I took.

I have been wanting to blog all week, but because I was on vacation last week, I had butt loads of work to catch up on at my day job. (Real Estate) Don’t believe the ugly hype about how bad the market is, It is a BANGING time to go out and buy some real estate, mmmmkay? Buyer’s are starting to recognize, therefore my time has been limited to quick peeks here and there on myspacio.

back to the above conversation.................

So in the mornings of my cruise, we have a choice of where to eat breafast. You can have it in your room, up at the lido deck or at one of the main dining rooms, where you can have sit down "service". We like to be waited on by the potential of a certain hawt waiter, so we grabbed sit down meals every chance we got.

We ended up getting seated next to two pregnant couples and an "older" couple. We all say our hello’s, ask were we are all from, and proceed to eat and enjoy small GENERIC talk. The two pregnant girls, naturally start talking "baby" talk. One couple were on their 3rd baby, the other couple were on their 1st. I didn’t volunteer news about my herd, but chose to listen and get my grub on.

I am not sure what couple spoke up, but one of them mentioned they at some point wanted a girl. That’s when it spilled out. Out of know where, the "elderly" lady. (ok, she wasn’t that old, but she was older than me) chimed in with her wisdom. "Oh, when we were hoping for a girl, my doctor gave me a pamplet! It said it is all about Timing, Positioning and Douching!"

I almost spit out my hashbrowns. I asked my mom, "Did she just say douching at the breakfast table amongst a bunch of strangers?" "Yup, she suuuuuuuuuuuuure did, "said Mamita.

I am not sure what happened next, but I know the two couples didn’t go there for further details. (Thank Gah)

Elderly woman did say it worked for her, though.

Yes, I just new it was going to be a glorious day after that great meal!


Mmmkay, I totally have some great pics to share and I want you to know the Crafty Chica Cruise was off the hook! We made so many cool artes, and lots of great friendships were formed.

Yes, Kathy is all that and 3 bags of glitter! She is VERY down to earth and a great hostess with the mostest. I know next year it is going to be even bigger and better! She probably is going to have to charter a private ship! How cool would that be Kathy? (No pressure)

Anyhoo, I am getting ready for another appointment, but I do have lots of pics to share. For now, I have some pics in random order of the cruise in my photo album, but I have even more to upload.

Check out Crafty Chica’s and Krissi’s blog for more information on what a fabulous time we had.

Stay tuned................


Sacred Snatch said...

Pardon the links. I copied this blog from my myspace blog, and the linkage is not working today. Crafty Chica's blog's can be found on the right of my page under favorite bloggers, art and chisme.

Funky Art Queen said...

yes, it is funny what that lady said. I don't even like the word douch especially at the breakfast table. Sounds like you had a great time, can't wait to see your pics. Glad you are back!