Thursday, March 27, 2008

From the Studio of Girl Gone Thread Wild

AKA, my homegirl, Monica............

Monica was the brainchild of this wonderful project. I humbly asked if I can contribute, and thankfully she accepted. In fact, I believe over 150 art squares have been donated! See these links for further info. (Trust me, this project is as beautiful as it is inspiring)

On to the building of the doll...............

The Pink Artist Doll Project, page ONE

From start to finish here is
the journey of the collaborative art doll project
come to be known as Love Squared.
Page one.
It's been a fantastic break!
The past week flew by and I admit
I only dreamed of the squares ONCE
but it was grand that I did!
Pinpricked I made a new best friend
to keep me company while
stitching in the wee hours,
enjoying a continual pouring of tea,
movies, and phone calls
that kept me tied to reality.
I'm going back to the start for a moment.
It only makes sense to tell you
that the inspiration for the doll body
came from a long admired doll artist,
Patti Culea using upper torso patterns
I knew when taking on this project
that some part of this doll had to
have Patti written all over it.
Omitting of course the legs and
opting to alter the length so to fit
squares to skirt. Some of you have
seen the first few photos already
so I won't reiterate those steps, jumping
forward instead to the creation of the
skirt and the sewing on of the squares...

Choosing 2 cuts of decorator fabric in colors
blue and beige cut 72" by 54" and
folded in half twice to make a center,
a hole was cut and the layers were draped
over the waist of the doll and stitched in place.
An old lace piece is stitched down to doll
covering the uneven edges.

Not noticing earlier that the blue fabric already
had "square" shapes in the design (lol) I
took this as a sign and jumped right in
to begin there, pinning the first square.
I kid you not, there is a higher power
orchestrating this doll as I have been
stress-free from the beginning and
am remaining calm and overjoyed here-
I think I even sang OUT LOUD when
applying the first SQUARE. -laughs-

The squares were beginning to line up.
What I found happening was that it was easier
to NOT preplan anything, nor did I pull
more than 10-12 squares at one time from their shelter
(ie. storage tub). I didn't lay out the squares
ahead of time. These weren't color-coded
or grouped in any way whatsoever.
Really the only measurements being taken
were the actual size/shapes of the squares.
One by one, literally the squares came together.
Hand sewing each square with PINK thread.

What did happen is a metal tomato cage
for gardening was inserted under her skirt
to help keep shape.

I found myself talking to the squares
and remembering your notes, stories,
friends and family. I'd be lying if
I said I didn't choke up once or twice...
but it was HAPPY tears for this project.
It was NO accident that I signed online
ONCE to tell a gal her squares arrived
safe & sound from TURKEY and when
doing so read a note from one wise lady
who told me of the "threads of life"
and the first thread being the umbilical cord,
also while online that brief period I read
every comment you made during the last post.
Gerry!!! yours hit me especially...
mostly because you remarked how wonderful
tho sad this project is and well,
I didn't DO NOT want anyone remembering
this project as SAD so...

I immediately started to create a face for our doll.
Starting with a grey felted sweater scrap,
sewn on the machine to resemble
a round head shape, a wooly ball...
stuffed with polyester fiberfill,
punching away on the flesh colored
wool roving from Great Britain
found in a local Yarn shop I
just recently discovered during
my last visit to the Goodwill...
(taking breath)

There she was smiling up at me,

with those pink lips and light brown eyelashes,

and curvy eyebrows.

Now, that's a Kool-aid smile!


I'd like to tell you that all squares are now

stitched to our dolls skirt, but I was just 12 shy

when making this post. In just a few minutes I'll

update our parade of squares, page 3 to include

two more artists squares making that the

last 12 squares to go on the doll.

My goal is to have our doll completed by April 1.

Please excuse the lighting in the photos.

Most often the images were taken

around midnight and by myself.

I am sooooo not a photographer.

Also, THANK YOU to Donna O'Brien of the blog,
The Ribboned Crown
for mailing in this exquisite donation
for our doll.

From here my next post won't be until next Monday

as I have to play catch-up, but I am officially back online,

checking emails and keeping in touch with YOU!

Next post WILL be more progress made on our doll

wso be sure to check back in March 24. w

-Thanks again & again for your support & participation-

May this doll leave your heart filled with JOY

and a smile in your every step,



wait, there is more............. here is a link to part two, where the doll's face, hair and limbs are formed.

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