Saturday, May 10, 2008

Icicle Frida 5-08

Hello everyone in blog landia! I have fallen behind in blogs, and thought if I just upload this pic, it will motivate me to get my blog mojo rolling. I have many stories and creations to share, but, gah, I have been feeling like a slug! I mean except for my studio, I have been a mad woman in there, sewing, painting, varnishing, etc. Oh and it feels so good! lol,

Anyhoo, I joined an Icicle doll swap on swap-bot, and the theme was to make a celebrity doll. I just could not imagine doing a Brittany or Tom Cruise Icicle, so I stuck to the celebrities that I follow. Ok, Frida has been gone for a hot minute, but her spirit lives on and is thriving. Hopefully my partner will know who she is. Sometimes, I will run across a swap partner who tells me that she has no idea who Frida is/was, and google her, and became just as hooked as I am. Viva Frida!

See you again soon!


Funky Art Queen said...

Love it! Hey, come see my Frida necklace!