Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jeepers Creepers!

Yes, I can do more than Frida and Guadalupe! So number 1 son (oldest, not that I adore him anymore than number 2 son) flew the nest. Yes, I am that much closer to being an "empty nester" well, not that much closer, being that I have 200 people that still live with me. Ok, not 200, but sometimes it feels like it!

Number One Son has joined the ranks to being a renter. I told him it is not easy, and to please finish school and hold out as long as he can. It's hard out there! But being the strong headed independent kid that he has always been................ He bounced.

From day one, that kid has always been on a mission to grow up. He walked at 10 months old, talked early, RAN early, tried to grow up as fast as he can. It was like raising a little old man. He had to KNOW everything and had to always be right. I would always say,:"SLOW DOWN! " (at least for my sake)

Now my other son........................ well that is a different blog.

Anyhoo, my son gave me an unfinished wooden key holder and asked me to decorate it. "Mom, NO Frida or Guadalupe please" I was like, "Guat?" lol, Okayyyyyyyy, I can do more then my favorite icons, Helloooo!

I scoured my clip artsy fartsy books and decided to make it creepy and cool. I settled on some monster looking vintage comic images. I still painted it a vibrant green, but I thought it would go great with the images.

Verdict came in, and he was very pleased. "Cool Mom, this is tight!" I'll take that as a, "Oh Mom, this is the best thing ever!" (my kid is pretty skimpy in the compliment department, so I will take what I can get, mmmmkay?""

Second is a Haunted Dotee that I made for a swap. I made the face out of polymer clay and used some of my favorite left over halloween fabric.

I am currently working on some fabric postcards and fabric atcs. (stay tuned)

Next blog will be my visit to the Maker Fair last weekend!


Funky Art Queen said...

your son number 1 sounds like my only son! He is stubborn and has to learn everything the hard way by experience. Can't tell him anything. But he has turned out pretty good inspite of that.

Sacred Snatch said...

Werrrrrd! lol.
Thanks girly and happy Mother's day!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

My son long ago left the nest, & I must admit that I miss him, (at times) hee hee! He is a good boy even though he is 27yrs. LOL! He is soon to be a parent himself, that is payback @ it's best!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

LOVE it! Your Mother's Day had to have been a blast even tho one bird flew from the cuckoo's nest. Oh my! Did I just type that? lol

I love your haunted dotee!

Too funny that he asked you to stay away from Frida and Guat themes.. -BIG laughs-

Heyyyyyy, save one of those postcards for a swap with ME wontcha???? :)

Have the best day eva chica, you'RE THE QUEEN!