Monday, May 12, 2008

Well It's About Time...Maker Faire Wrap Up

So yeah, I have been wanting to post this blog for over a week! Uploading pics here on blogspot is still a mystery to me, and I all but gave up putting them in order. Be sure to check out my links, where you can learn more about the artists and products! I have been wanting to post this blog forever, so please excuse the out of sync photos.

Lil over a week ago, Sharon and I headed out to the Maker Faire in San Mateo California. This would be my first visit. I always heard it was hecka cool chitters. OMGah, it totally was! First off, it took forever to get off our exit on the freeway, then we were ushered to a faraway parking lot where we were shuttered across America to the fair grounds. We were then greeted by a genormous line of peeps trying to get in. Fortunately I had two tickets that I scored from Craft Con. (Thank you Rachael!_

Once inside the gate, we couldn't help but stand in amazement and with our mouths wide open! We didn't know where to turn or start because there was something happening everywhere! It was like craft show, meets freak show, meets valley of the nerds science fair! There was something for EVERYONE, and then some! I don't even think we checked out every building, it was just too much for us to handle in the 5 hours that we were there.

We started in one building where everyone was offering "Make and Takes" I literally had to yank Sharon out of there because she was having way to much fun at the recycled art booth where we made mixed media badges. From there we peeped out handmade greeting cards from recycled ads and garbage, we made screen prints from carving out styrofoam plates, and also got to make card holders out of cereal boxes. I can't even remember how much swag we picked up on the way, but lemme tell you, it was awesome.

I even got to chop it up with Sonja Nimrey of Fanciful ----. I just happened to have her book in my Amazon wish list, so I took advantage of the situation and bought it straight from her. (She is soooo cute)

After wandering around and dodging moterized cupcakes, we ran into La Reina herself, Crafty Chica. She was busy marketing her wares and giving free Matchbox Shrine demos, featuring her awesome line of products.

Ok, embarrassing moment. I accidentally sidebusted a video interview with Cathy of California. Here I thought I was being polite and asking her before snapping a pic, only to be told, ok, yeah, but we ARE video taping! Whoops!

I also got to see my girls in action. Yes The Sacramento Craft Mafia was there representing to the fullest.

I also got to meet a lot of people I stalked, I mean met online and it just was an awesome event. Did I already say that? lol, for real, even Sharon, who is not a craft enthusiast like me, was extremely impressed and thanked me for taking her.

Yes, yes, It was good day indeed. If you ever have a chance to attend this event, DO IT. I also recommend taking the kiddies. There were tons of stuff for them to do and experiment, and I kick myself for not taking photos of the carnival. lol, trust me, you had to see it to believe it.

Because I cannot get my photo's to align, you will be seeing some of these peeps, but not in the ordred intended. Please click on the links and check them all out. They are so worth the effort
Lauren of Goody Goody and Missy Ballence of Crafty Carnival

Cathy of California. (sorry about butting into you video Chica)

Sonia Nimri, author of Just for the Frill of it, 25, flirty fabulous styles to make from clothes you already own.

The Hawt Tammy of RoxyCraft (and my homegirl!)

Lovely Kathy of Crafty Chica

Tiffany Threadgould

Tiffany Threadgould is a Design Junkie who gives scrap materials a second life. Her business, RePlayGround, sells recycled goods and features DIY projects.


Margot Potter said...


YAY YOU DID IT! I knew you would. Blogger is a pain in the arse, they load photos from bottom to top. I use the HTML setting so I don't end up with a gazillion spaces I have to remove later. Also you can move stuff via html if you don't like where it's located. If you need help, shout out to me sista.

Good Work! Looks like an amazing time. I'm sorry I missed it!


Sacred Snatch said...

Thanks Margot, cuz this was a major bizziatch! I'll try playing with the html. Myspace makes it so easy, but I noticed if I cut and paste from myspace, the links don't work here.


Kathy Cano-Murillo, The Crafty Chica said...

wow, great pics!!! next time i am ditching my booth and tagging with you, you find all the great stuff!! it's been a few weeks and i am still thinking about how much fun it was, i can hardly wait until next year!

An Altered Life said...

You always have so much fun and find the best places to hang! And I am thrilled to find this blog, I have linked you on to my blog too. Sometimes life outside of myspace is nice :) Aloha Snatch

Krissi's Stitchery said...

What a blog (and you did it twice?)!

I'm going to read it in great detail after I get home! Can't wait to see you too!

roxycraft said...

Hey! That's me!
Baz Biz was such a blast and it was great to see you there!