Sunday, May 18, 2008

This is Serious! All Artistas are encouraged to get your voice heard!

I am talking about the

Orphan Works Bill Affect Ownership of Your Art and Written Work?

Seriously, I do urge you to check this out. Normally I would cut and past, but Emma Allen of Quilting and Patchwork did such a fine job, I am enclosing a link to her blog. It covers a lot of Q&Q and has direct links for you to notify your congressman.

I already sent mine!

If you care about your artwork becoming "public domain", check out this blog.

Happy day People!


Mary Emma Allen said...

Thank you for calling attention to this bill, mentioned at my Quilting and Patchwork ( )blog. I've also discussed it at my Home Biz Notes( blog, because many artists and artisans are independent business people working out of their home. I'm also going to mention it on my Mary Emma's Potpourri of Writing here at blogspot.