Monday, May 19, 2008

Having fun with Fabric and My Sewing Machine

Lately, I have been having fun with my sewing machine. Thanks to Krissi and her patience, I have been giving it a whirl and have been having fun with small items. I am getting pretty good with the ATC's, Postcards and mini quilts. I have even made a few handbags and am currently working on two bags that I made the pattern from scratch! Those pics will be coming soon.
For now, I just wanted to share some of my sewing lessons with you, and although I have sooooooo much more to learn, I am having fun. I am even thinking of joining so I can do some drive by bag give aways! If you don't know about that website, check it out, it is really inspiring. I feel so ashamed to take bags from stores now, and find myself stuffing my handbag with items and saying no all together on paper or plastic!

My goal is to start making bags for myself and family, and hopefully in the process, will make bags good enough to pass out to random peeps!

But for now, here are a few pics for your review.



Springtime ATC Swap

Postcard Swap

A mini quilt I made a few weeks ago.

Clutch I made for Loan

Corozon fabric Postcard I mailed to a swap partner

La Virgen quilted postcard

These Postcards are so easy to make. I should do a tutorial!

Have a great week everyone!


Funky Art Queen said...

oooh that clutch and all of it. You always pick the best colors!

Krissi's Stitchery said...

I have patience?? If you say so. Actually, I think I do with you!

On our drive from Santa Fe to Vegas on Friday, I was telling Ron (plenty of time to talk) that you are just taking off with your sewing! You're blowing my mind with your willingness to experiment; I love what you're creating and the fact that you're not especially concerned with following "rules." Your style comes through whether you're working in fabrics, mixed media, paper or whatever. I just love that you can tell when you've got "a Yoli."

BTW, I am home and I still owe you a personal 'installing a zipper' tutorial (oh, and I found a handbag project for you on my travels...).

Missy Ballance said...

dude... I can't believe you sewed all this!!! Yay you and Krissi! I'm so happy for you! All of a sudden I feel even MORE connected to you! LOL! Love me some Yoli! And thanks for the blog luv about Maker Faire!!! :)

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Oh I'm sew proud of youuuuuuu! You knock me out girl with your ability to EXPERIMENT, I'm also a trial & error kind of gal... rule books... who needs em? And thank you for sharing the link to morsbags, that's certainly a great goal for you to have.

Art on & upwards!

Also, love that you bought your first house at 21... OMG! I salute YOU for being that smart. lol My heart tells me it's about time I settled down... 33 years to come to this conclusion. -laughs-

What can I say... I'm READY now. Your advice is greatly appreciated. xo, Monica :)

PLO said...

You should do a tutorial! I am so loving all of this, especially the mini quilt, and clutch bag. I wish I had my Mom's talent for sewing...